Spirit Story Box is tested
at the Conrad-Caldwell House

Spirit Story Box was thoroughly tested at the Conrad-Caldwell house in Lousiville, Kentucky. Not only were there some significant hits, but co-creator Jill (Beitz) Pingleton's phone began acting incredibly strangely. Her word history screen began to scroll up and down quickly as words were chosen from the list almost as if a spirit was highlighting words of particular significance. This happened as the camera was rolling and the incident was documented. Regaining control of the phone involved quiting and restarting Spirit Story Box. We had never experienced this before, nor have we experienced this since.

Spaced Out Radio

Spirit Story Box on Spaced Out Radio


Creators Jill and Roger Pingleton shared EVP evidence, discussed their paranormal experiences, and talked about Spirit Story Box with host Dave Scott on Spaced Out Radio.

WEBN Radio

Spirit Story Box on the Kidd Chris Show


Spirit Story Box creators/ghost hunters Jill and Roger Pingleton were invited on the Kidd Chris Show. Spirit Story Box was put to the test as skeptical side-kick Thomas became impatient waiting for output. His skepticism soon turned to aprehension, when the app finally spoke. Listen to this hilarious segment.

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